Thursday, April 30, 2009

Welcome, Thanks for Visiting

Welcome to the LPC Campus Change Network blog. We hope to use this space as another way to communicate with the LCP community. Via this blog we can post items as well as receive feedback from you. Some of you might not be familiar with blogs. If you have difficulties please e-mail us at or just ask one of your students!

You can read posts and make comments by selecting the COMMENTS link at the end of each post. Any comment you leave is public. If you wish to make comments "off-line" please use the CCN e-mail address ( We reserve the right to monitor any comments we find to be inappropriate. We respect differences of opinion if made in a productive manner. You may comment anonymously if you wish but we'd love to know who you are so we can continue the dialogue IRL (in real life).

If you have ideas for posts please let us know.

Please see the next post down to:
1) View/print the document: Reducing Unconscious Bias
2) Leave us your thoughts and feedback on the document
3) You may also leave feedback by using the Word document (sent via LPC email)

We expect to make changes and improvements to this document but also want you to use it in your upcoming hiring committees if you find it helpful.

Thanks for you interest and input.


  1. Actually CCN will have one more meeting this year - Tuesday, May 19th, at 3:00 in the Staff Lounge.