Monday, April 20, 2009

Join the Experiment

Dear Colleagues,

Likely you have arrived here becasue you received our resource entitled: Suggested Inclusiveness Training For Hiring Committees, Spring 2009.

This document is an effort to assist committees in operating in a manner that reduces bias and increases collegiality in what can sometimes be an uncomfortable situation: addressing bias in the hiring process.

Use of this document is completely voluntary and as such, it has not gone through any official process. It's just a suggestion. We hope to gather your feedback to make it a more useful document.

Please post a comment so that we can start the dialogue.

We reserve the right to monitor any comments we find to be inappropriate. We respect differences of opinion if made in a productive manner. You may comment anonymously if you wish but we'd love to know who you are so we can continue the dialogue IRL.

Thank you for visiting and commenting. Check back often for new posts.


  1. This is the coolest thing ever!

  2. Hi CCN'ers! This is very cool! Amber, I love the suggested Inclusiveness Training 2 page doc you wrote. I learned something I didn't know, about the word "fit" as a way to validate bias. I can see that.
    I have just a few typo things that I will send the doc in your e-mail. My only real suggestion is to put some asterisks in the title area also, so people will read the end about it being a "completely optional resource...".
    When/if we flesh this out more, it might help committees to know the actual statistical comparisons in several areas of students and faculty; when I read those stats in our Self Study it floored me.

    Thank you! Sharon G

  3. Thanks, Sharon. Great suggestions. interesting. Never thought of that. Yes, if folks don't even know it's a problem then why would they consider using this tool? A "why we need this" section might be in order.